Additional add-on’s for the packages we offer.

Documentary Edit

A Documentary edit ( Or sometimes called a “doc edit” ) is a longer, more traditional style video, which will have a longer overall length. This will include all toasts, and full ceremony included in this edit.

Custom Printed Bluray Discs

We offer custom printed Bluray discs that feature a high quality, printed photo from your wedding on the disc for extra personalization. This option includes 2 discs, and includes master authoring and burning of the discs.


This custom wooden packaging is customized just for your wedding! It includes printed screenshots from your wedding film, along with an engraved USB drive that hosts your full video, along with bonus coverage.

Extra Hours of Coverage
$150 per hour

If you feel as if you need more coverage for the big day, we offer extra coverage by the hour. This includes extra coverage by two videographers, per hour.

Love Story

The Love Story edit is like a video engagement session. We capture you telling your love story, as well as capture cinematic video that tells your story which we then create a 3-4 minute edit.  This is a unique video that can be shared either online or during your wedding reception!