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Basic Cinema Package

This shortened wedding film will tell your love story in a beautiful highlight film you can share with your friends and family.

4K Cinematic Highlight Wedding Film

Professional external audio

Online viewing of your wedding film that you can also download and share

Pricing starts at $2,000 and À la carte options are available.


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à la carte options

Wedding Trailer Edit

A wedding trailer edit is one of my favorite things, because within 24 hours, you will get to watch a sneak peek of one of the biggest days of your lives in a movie-like cinematic way!

$250, delivered within 24 hours of your wedding!

BluRay Discs

Do you like to sit down on the couch, and pop in a movie into the dvd player? I can make custom printed BluRay discs for you that will have a photo from your photographer professionally printed. ( Minimum 2 discs )

$150 – 2 Discs, includes master authoring, and custom printing.

Ceremony Edit

If you would like to have your full ceremony edited, I can do that! The length depends on what type of ceremony you have.


Full Toasts Edit

If you would like to relive the full speeches from your wedding, this is for you! The speeches will be edited with no music behind them.


Feature Film Edit

If you would like to have a Feature Film edit instead of a Highlight style film, you can choose the option to replace it! With the Feature Film edit, you will be able to relive your wedding day in a longer style video!